Inviting and innovative classrooms make a world of difference to students. In this drawing of the design of my classroom there is a separate technology center in the corner of the classroom.  My design plan is a classroom which has a separate technology area in the corner of the room and is offset from the regular sit down desks of the classroom. In this area there will be three horseshoe designed desks which can sit multiple chairs and each desk will have several computers on it. In this area multiple students can sit and access computers. There will also be three round tables right next to the horseshoe desks. These round tables have the main purpose of being a smart phone and tablet docking area for the students. The class tablets will be attached to the desks with a docking unit that keeps them safe and secure. There is also plenty of space for students to sit with their own devices and access the internet. I plan to have innovative shaped stool type chairs in place at the round tables. These tables are also a great place for students to engage in group discussions.