Goal of the technology center in the Classroom

The ultimate goal in my design of this technology center in the classroom is to get the students as interested and engaged with the curriculum materials as possible. By implementing a comfortable, inviting, appealing and accessible area student’s ideas will grow and develop both inside the classroom and outside.


Video link on Technology in the classroom


By using technology in the Language arts and Social studies Classroom students are engaging in collaborative education. These subject areas are often not thought of as using being technology based, however if the technology center is in the classroom itself students will have better access to it and  will be able to do research, watch videos and expand their knowledge of the subject areas.

Classrooms that are effective

For A classroom to be effective and go above and beyond the traditional sit down desk environment. Design is a very important aspect. The Class has to be accessible to all students and should be inviting as well as a fun place to learn. If it is not able to be used by all students then some change must be implemented and the environment will open up endless possibilities to students.

Here is an example of innovative desk designs

Tables and Desks


Build for change. School buildings can be tools for social change, and history’s the proof. Take courage and inspiration from what’s been done before.


          Here is a link to a website which touches on many good ideas in classroom design.

Classroom Spaces That Work

Digital Citizenship

Before  making the media center in the classroom available to the students, Digital Citizenship is a topic which must be introduced.

Here is a link to a site that has information on Digital Citizenship and some of the things that students must be made aware of when using the internet and social media.

Digital Citizenship: Why both proactive AND experiential knowledge are important

Students must be made aware of what sites they are permitted to access during class time.

Cost Considerations

When implementing a new classroom design cost is one of the most important considerations. Without proper funding the classroom design will not be possible. The fist place to look for funding is within the school itself. Questions of how much funding is available should be directed to the school or to the school board. Keeping costs at the lowest price point possible is also a large consideration. Finding the furniture, technology and posters for the classroom at the best price can be accomplished by using sources that give a discounted or bulk price to educators. School funds fundraising is also a consideration that could be taken into account. Fundraisers are a great way to establish money for things such as new computers and tablets for the classroom.